About Me

I started taking pictures of small realities when I was just eight years old, through the lens of a heavy magic box. At least that’s what the camera looked like to me back then. It was special and ephemeral, a coveted object that was constantly argued over by my sister, brother and I. Ten years later, when fights with siblings were a thing of the past, I got my own camera; a compact companion ready for new adventures. First stops: Denmark and Sweden, my first and most memorable playgrounds. After that, I returned to France where I worked for an online photography gallery: it was 2009 and what one could call a Eureka moment. From urban to human exploration, I wanted to snap the world and record words too. After completing my Masters Degree in Journalism (Paris Sorbonne) I took to the road again, this time headed for Munich, Germany, where I worked as an editor before focusing on photo journalism. Today, my camera is something I’m growing with on a daily basis, with the feeling of the magic box, somehow, still there.

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